Please note that its not fully completed OTS! We are making OTS from players to players and with players. Lets join us and lets make OTS again. You can decide how we build this server! is making with passion to remember good times and memories.
Please check Changelog and Latest News to be updated.
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Changes 32: Added new single target spells from 1200 level.
Changes 31: Added 2 new monsters 3k lvl+(Mino Guard and Tabalugu). Added faster spawn of monsters. Increased exp stages to make game easier and we can focus on next quests.
Chanegs 30: Added spawn of new boss Okratnus(2.5k blocker + sio). Increased sio for ED. Reduced lose exp on blesses by 50%. Promoted 2 players to Tutors: Lampa and El Patron.
Changes 29: Added 2 quests (fury weapons and fury amulet). Added 8 new exp places with new monsters(Magrus, Lizarus, Warrior of Night, Jade Spider).
Info 6: We are working on map all the time. Today we will add update with new monsters and quests. Lets wait !

Latest News

Dec 14 2021 - on Android
on request of users we did android client on which you can play on our server. Please check download section.

Dec 09 2021 - We did this!
Hello dear players,
we spend 2-3 days on preparing items and we did this! We created museum for you where you can check all items which will wait for you in game!
We did around 120 custom items. Lets check them and wait for updates!

We can focus on quests, monsters, bosses now!

Our focus is on adding a lot of content now!

Dec 05 2021 - We are going ahead!
Hello dear players,
we are working all the time on our server. We added bigger update today. He will be small sum what was added and changed.

We added:

-new spells
-new quests
-new exp places
-new monsters
-transform ring
-silver points and silver shop (more info on subpage)
-VIP system (more info on subpage)
-increased exp
-scripted all addons(we are adding rest of monsters)
-builded new addon bonus system which will sum all bonuses
-new tasks
-new missions
-new monster hunters
-completed boss reward

We are working on new items, monsters, quests and tasks.

Nov 28 2021 - Weekend, weekend...
weekend is time when we spend time with family and friends. We did this too! But we also found some time for our server.
We added:

-2 new quests
-4 new exp places
-2 new monsters
-3 new custom helmets
-3 new custom shields

We are working on new systems(points for beeing online and special shop for these points, VIP) new spells, bosses, monsters, quests etc

Nov 26 2021 - Hunting Rooms
Hunting room is place where you can exp faster. To access hunting room you need exp tokens .

Hunting rooms are located in teleport room on the right side.

How its wotking? You have to put token to place close hunting room and use switch. 1 exp token give you 3 minutes in hunting room.
When you are inside the room you have to use switch to spawn monsters. Monsters are normal as on map but have just 50% of HP and no loot.

How to get coins? You can get them from: hell, tasks, missions, monsters and bosses.

Nov 24 2021 - Hell incoming...
Hell is place where you can enter one time per day and do mission which give you exp tokens.

What is the mission? You have to find Angel statue which is spawned in random place and click on it. You will be rewarded with exp tokens and teleported to temple. After click to statue you have to wait 24 hours to enter hell again.

Enter to hell is located in teleport room.
You can enter hell after complete Thrus mission from Monster Hunter.